Lunar Eclipse

The blood moon of twenty-nineteen

Photo courtesy of Eden Jones

Photo courtesy of Eden Jones

A Lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into the earth’s shadow. The shadow

allows for the sun’s light to pass through Earth’s atmosphere and illuminate the moon. This special eclipse causes the moon to appear red, and scientists label such a phenomenon in January as a wolf blood moon.

The name wolf blood moon comes from when wolves gather in January underneath the full moon. The last lunar eclipse appeared on January 20, scientists claim the next one will occur on May 26 of 2021. However, instead of a wolf blood moon, based on patterns scientists refer to the one in 2021 as a super blood moon. This type of blood moon appears larger and lasts a little longer than a regular blood moon.

Across the world, a variety of cultures interpret lunar actions differently. Some religions believe the blood moon signifies the end of a prophecy, a prophecy that predicts the end of the world. From multiple Gods in the sky to setting examples, these stories spread across the world in times of blood moons. Some cultures believe the blood from a sacrifice was poured on the moon, or that God is telling his people to prepare for the end draws near. However, because only certain parts of the world see some of the lunar eclipse, these theories seem widely unbelievable because if the world was going to end, wouldn’t it have already ended? Many of the people that disagree with the “end of the world” theory only believe this because it either seems too unbelievable or their geological location makes it impossible to see the moon, thus believe associated stories.

There are many myths, legends, prophecies and facts and among all of these, everyone believes something different. On the night of the blood moon one decides for themselves what it means.