Little Things

I am thankful, not just for big moments

Lexie Chapman, Staff Writer

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I am thankful for so many things; the list could literally go on forever. Everyone around the holidays is always saying, “I am thankful for my friends, my money, my job, etc.” All of those things are amazing and important to be thankful for, but I am most thankful for the little things.

When I say the little things, I mean details that people, including me, don’t usually notice. For example, one thing is the love that we receive unwillingly. We, as an American whole, don’t know how it feels to go without love. Over the Thanksgiving break I went to a homeless shelter and helped feed the less fortunate. A lot of people think the homeless are ‘different’ from those of us who have homes and a bed to sleep in at night, but the ‘crazy’ thing is that they’re not. They are people, just the same as you and me, just looking for affection and attention.

My family is also very important to me.Without family, how could you feel that unconditional love? My family has always stuck up for me. For example, My sister and I may fight, but we still have that unconditional love for eachother. No matter how many disagreements we have, we will still have eachother’s backs. Thats what family is all about, loving eachother, aside our faults.

Even though my family is amazing, my mom will always have a special place in my heart. That may sound crazy, me calling my mom a “little thing” but she is around all of the time, so I am so used to having her. I never tell her enough! She has put up with me for 15 years already. Being a mother is probably the hardest job to have, plus it’s all year round. I am so thankful that she does her best; she is the only one qualified for this job. I love my mom and I am grateful to have her around. When I’m not thinking, I may take her for granted but in reality one of the most valuable parts of my life. My mom is my hero.

Another small thing that we may take for granted that I am grateful for is freedom. We have the choice to practice our own religion, choose where we work, who we marry, where we live, etc. Yet, we look at Pakistan and people are persecuted every day for their religion. These people aren’t just being bullied, they are being denied jobs and often killed because of their faith.

The biggest, most important thing I am thankful for would be my savior. No man, or woman, has ever died for me, let alone a king. Jesus Christ and his shed blood is what saved me. I am so grateful for him and his sacrifice. It wasn’t just for me though, his suffering was for everyone. Jesus is the one person I can always rely on. He never changes, never gives up, and his mercy never runs out.

I am appreciative of the many blessings God has given me. When I am not paying attention, I forget all of the things I have. But when I slow down and look around at my life versus what it could be, I realize how good I have it. So I am thankful for the small things God provides.

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