Macky Dailey- Co-Sports Editor
My name is Mackenzie; not really, that’s my middle name. My first is actually Alec, but I don’t go by that either. I do have a twin brother and no we are not identical, because that’s not possible. This is my first year on newspaper staff and I absolutely love it!  I live my life to glorify God, of course, I fall short every day, but I do try. Hey, nobody’s perfect. I’m normally a positive person. I absolutely love art, music, trains, baseball, anything unhealthy, trucks, birds, football, the outdoors, poetry, camouflage, the color black, culture, family, food, fun, friends, sun, jeeps, mission trips; man I could go on forever. I just love life and everyone in it.

Macky Dailey, Co-Sports Editor

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