2013-2014 The Journal Online Staff

Maddi Colson

Staff Writer

Hey, I’m a sophomore at DHS. This is my first year on staff and I’m super excited. I am very outgoing and I love to have fun. I enjoy writing and playing basketball. I spend my free time hanging out with my best friend... 

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Mercedes Rivera

Staff Writer

This is my first year on staff and I’m very excited to see how it goes. My hobbies include playing the flute in band, writing, and doing ballet. I’ve been in ballet for 11 years, and when I’m stressed or sad I go to the... 

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Kobie Lunsford

Staff Writer

Hello. I am a freshman who moved to Decatur from Wichita Falls. Most of you probably know of Wichita Falls, and have likely passed through there before. Though I moved just before the school year started, I am already meeting... 

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Jackie Trujillo


Welcome! This is my third year on the newspaper staff and my first year as editor-in-chief. I’m so excited to see what’s in store for this year. Previously, I was involved in band for seven years and I played the flute. I... 

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McKenna Waddill


I am a senior at DHS and the webmaster for the Journal Online. I’m just starting out in the graphic design field, and I’m completely self-taught and always striving to learn more. I have an affinity for technology... 

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Jessica Lozano


To strangers I look like the shy and quiet type but once you get to know me I’ll surprise you. My name is Jessica Lozano. This is my second year on staff and sadly my last year, not because I don’t wish to continue, because... 

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Ashley Huggins


This is my second year on the yearbook staff as a photographer and my first year on newspaper. I’m a junior this year. Horse riding is my get-away place. It’s what I do when I need to clear my head or take a break from reality.... 

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Katelynn Cimini

Staff Writer

Art is my life. Not just drawing and sketching but also writing. I love to use my creative skills to enhance the stories of Decatur High School. Also, I very much enjoy music. I listen to a variety of genres but some of my favorite... 

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Angelica Lopez

Staff Writer

I could share my whole life story but I’ll keep this short and simple. Most importantly my name is Angelica Lopez. I am a junior and just turned 16 in August. This is my second year in newspaper and my first in the PAL program.... 

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Alondra Gomez

Staff Writer

So, I am Alondra and I am a junior, 16, and short. I am in Newspaper 1 and a new staff member, and I am looking forward to this year. I am excited because I like to write in my free time. So a little of me: my favorite color is... 

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Nancy Torres

Staff Writer

Hey guys. If you don’t know my name, it’s Nancy Torres and this is my second year of newspaper and I’m excited for the stories to come. I wake up every morning at 4:45 for 5:45 cross-country practice It’s tough getting... 

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Noehlia Ortiz

Staff Writer

Well hello there. For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Noehlia Ortiz. I am a junior. I was born and raised in Decatur. My birthday is Jan 29, and yes I do like to receive presents. This is my second year as a... 

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John Gleason

Staff Writer

Hello. My name is John, and this is my first year with the staff, but I am excited to start for DHS. I have always enjoyed writing and reading, but have never had anything on a public scale like this. I really enjoy current events,... 

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