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Students participate in county hockey league

Macky Dailey, Co- Sports Editor

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A deep breath in, they exhale, pick up their hockey sticks, and they’re ready to roll. Hockey may not gain the same publicity that other sports in the county have, but the players are just as serious about it.

“I would describe hockey as aggressive because you have to be aggressive to win,” Alex Chavana, senior, said.

The hockey league has two seasons: in-house and nationals. In-house is spread out through winter, fall and spring leaving July to nationals. Wise County is the limit for in-house but nationals can go much further.

“The farthest I’ve been is New York,” Alex said. “This summer will be my sixth nationals.”

Alex and Hunter Moffit, junior, have played since they were eleven and Celeste Chavana, sophomore, since she was eight and Brett McGar, senior, since he was thirteen.

“I went up to skate at the rink and the owners Don and Irene Allen said I was good and should play,” Brett said, “so I did.”

When the season was active, practices were on Wednesdays and the times were different depending on the players’ age. Each practice lasted and hour and a half.

“It’s fun to play; it keeps me active and out of trouble,” Hunter said.

This sport keeps these students busy with practices, games, and nationals during the summer. It’s a priority and teaches them things they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

“It means a lot to me and my coach has taught me a lot in the game and outside of the game,” Alex said. “I like the can do attitude, the people, the coaches, and the fans who support it.”

Practice usually consists of a demanding thirty laps around the floor, shooting drills for thirty minutes and then scrimmaging at game pace for 40 minutes.

“Practice can be hard but it depends on how hard you work,” Alex said.

With the injuries and aches it causes, Hunter looks at it as a hobby, but doesn’t think he will pursue it after high school.  Celeste plans on sticking with it in the future.

“I plan on trying out for the USA team next year and going to Japan to play,” Celeste said.

Wise County’s in-house hockey season ended Monday, Dec. 3. Hunter played defense for the first place team; the gold team. Second place went to the blue team, which Alex played for. Offensive, Celeste and Brett played for the pink team who won third place. To sign up for the Wise County Hockey League, visit the skating rink and ask for a form.

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