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Staffer elaborates on testing week

McKenna Waddill

Jackie Trujillo, Staff Writer

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If there’s anything I hate more than Mondays, it’s testing week. I don’t particularly enjoy having eight classes a day—taking eight different exams in the same week I like even less.

What makes this week even worse is that not only do I have to worry about my exams in my regular courses; I have to worry about my practice AP tests. Said tests determine whether or not the school pays for the real AP test—the one that counts for college.

I’ve never been more stressed out in my entire school career.

I’m not joking—I’ve gone to bed past two in the morning every single night since February began. I’m still pushing myself to the limit trying to cram a whole years worth of information into my brain and to be honest? I feel like I’m failing.

I don’t have an affinity for history and I don’t particularly care for the subject. To me, it’s just something else to learn. Now that I think about it, I’m not even sure why I took advanced history classes.

What I’m trying to say is that studying for eight different classes is hectic. There’s just a lot of material to remember and the final six weeks grade depends on how much we can remember and apply to the course (the grade also goes on our report card which is kind of a big deal for me).

Frankly, my brain can only hold so much information before words start to become meaningless ink on paper and pictures just start blurring together.

I suppose that’s what it’s like for a lot of other students. We start to panic and try to jam every bit of information into our heads at the last minute. We try and pray so hard that we’ll remember every detail (in my case just the general stuff) in hopes that we’ll do well. I can’t even do that right anymore. It’s like my brain reached its full capacity and it’s telling me it can’t hold anything more. There is just absolutely no more room.

This whole week I’ve just been panicking and trying to figure out how in the world I’m going to remember everything. Like I said before, history isn’t my forte. Neither is science. Nor math. Come to think of it, writing formal essays just isn’t my thing (which definitely doesn’t play in my favor for the AP English exam).  Yes, I’ve been struggling recently with everything but that’s because there’s so much that every class hands out. I understand that every class important and that we need to learn but lately I’ve been feeling like every class is a priority.

I just don’t know what else to do. This whole week with cramming for my six weeks and practice AP tests has been crazy. It would have been better if the school staggered the testing dates. For example, AP tests could have been scheduled from Monday through Wednesday. This would leave Thursday and Friday open for 6-weeks testing and it would provide more time for students to study their reviews.

But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen considering this week is almost over and the only solution I keep thinking about is tackling one subject at a time. Focus on what test comes first and try to at least gain some type of understanding on the subject. If anything, I should have paid more attention; maybe this way I wouldn’t be freaking out like a chicken without its head.

But I didn’t—I procrastinated and pushed studying further back. Do not do this. Don’t do it because it is awful. I feel like I’m literally drowning in a pile of review sheets that look like gibberish. Listen to me: study the material as you go. I know how hard it is to pay attention sometimes but we have to do it.  And as for AP and 6-weeks tests being in the same week together?

Well, that’s just sheer bad luck.

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Staffer elaborates on testing week