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Fans exhibit nontraditional spirit at varsity basketball games

Nancy Torres, Staff Writer

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Hula skirts, camouflage jackets and ugly Christmas sweaters are not the typical attire worn to a Varsity Basketball game. Senior Ben Blattner and a group of friends attend basketball games, expressing their support to fellow basketball players.

Not only by attending games they encourage the players, but also Blattner and friends show up at games dressed in “themes”

“We wanted to find a way to help pump up our team so we dressed up and it helped get them get pumped,” Blattner said.

Blattner and a group of friends dress up in a different theme every game.

“Some of our themes have been soccer night, hunting night, Hawaiian night, and snow night.

Blattner and his friends welcome anyone who wants to show spirit to their school’s basketball team.

“Everyone can join. We send out a text the day before the game,” Blattner said.

The main reason for these themes was to show support for the basketball team.

“We want to represent them as good as they represent us,” senior Javier Cruz said, “I think they see this and they try harder because of it.”

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