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Patel travels to India

Sophomore Mital Patel holds sugarcane juice with her decorated hands to symbolize India. “Mostly everyone in India is a farmer and the easiest thing to grow is sugarcane.”

Cristin Morgan, Print Editor-in-Chief

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Sitting on a flight for 23 hours, from Dallas to Mumbai, was the first of many stops for sophomore Mital Patel.

“The flights were really long,” she said. “I just watched movies, and on the way back I did homework.”

Leaving on Dec. 4, 2012, Patel heads to India for a month and a week stay.

“I went on the trip to see my family and get more culturally inclined,” she said.

Flying with American and Emirates, she went to Gujarat and Malaysia in Asia, then stopped in Greece and England in Europe.

“We also had a five day stop in Dubai in the UAE,” Patel said. “It was cool because the airline we flew on, Emirates, is owned by the Sheik of the Dubai/UAE.”

While on her trip, she attended weddings, temple events and museums.

“We had an opportunity to stay in one of the old palaces in Abu Dhunbi,” Patel said.

When Patel and her family were in Dubai they explored the city, like any tourists, driving through sand dunes and attending belly-dancing festivals.

“We also got to ride camels,” she said. “I would describe it as smuphy because the ride was very humpy and smelly.”

Patel’s favorite part about the trip was meeting and seeing family and all the food.

“We have Indian restaurants here [USA],” Patel said, “and my mother is a great cook, but nothing can ever compare to the food made straight off the grill and delivered to your table.”

In India, they rarely eat in restaurants; they have carts that serve food.

“It’s like a food truck here except on stands,” Patel said.

Not only did Patel love the food, but also the family time she had on her visit there. She returned to Decatur Jan. 14, 2013. The experience was better than she expected and she hopes to go back soon.

“Honestly I wasn’t really excited about going to India,” she said. “But when I got there and was surrounded by all my loving family, it showed me the importance of what a family is and how they will always be there for you and with you even if they’re millions of miles away.”

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Patel travels to India