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Choir students perform monthly lunch concerts

Katelynn Cimini, Staff Writer

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The sounds of singing students flows from the choir room as Jam Session Thursday plays on.

“JST is so choir students can perform,” said Amberly Sneed, choir teacher and JST director.

Jam Session Thursday allows a way for show choir students to show off their talent during lunch. It takes place the first Thursday of every month during lunch. Usually around fifty kids show up.

“I was very excited about the idea at first,” senior Ashtyn Talley said. “We don’t get the opportunity to play new stuff in concerts. We can do our own thing.”

Fellow JST member senior Jake Anderson agrees.

“I was very excited. I was a little nervous because it was the first time we did something like this,” Jake said, “I was worried about the turnout, but there’s a lot of talent.”

Show choir students can sing or play different types of music in JST.

“It started off as an idea,” Sneed said. “The idea really appealed to me. We have a lot of talented students. They need an outlet for their talent. It was also a way to give choir more recognition.”

JST has performed three times this year. Students from show choir, any sister/brother choir classes or anyone in band can participate. They sing live, play guitars, piano, drums and various other instruments, while some students even write their own songs.

“We play mostly pop, but there’s a variety of genres we play also,” Sneed said, “like the 1970s, church music, and the Beatles.”

Jam Session Thursday allows students to sing and play different types of music other than in competitions.

“Our Show Choir is different,” Sneed said. “It’s not the usual razzle-dazzle with choreography like other show choir groups.”

Musicians in JST make an effort to try different types of music.

“I play a very coffee acoustic style,” Jake Anderson said. “I also play some new stuff like jazzy pop music.”

JST helps show choir students who plan on making the music business a career.

“It builds confidence and performance skills. It helps tremendously,” Sneed said.

The next JST performance is Dec. 6.

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Choir students perform monthly lunch concerts